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Celemi Cayenne®
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Celemi Cayenne: Preparing people for the challenges of project work

The success of a project is often determined by the skills and commitment of the people involved, they need to see the big picture and understand how to contribute to the project objectives. Celemi Cayenne™ helps people be better prepared to deal with unexpected events and changing project conditions. Help your project team get it right from the start.

The Experience

During this one day busienss simulation participants are challenged by problems and events in the different project phases. They decide how to best use the limited resources to achieve their objectives. The performance of the competing teams is monitored on a range of key performance measures. There are discussions connecting to the participant's reality throughout the business simulation.

Celemi Cayenne™ helps executives to:


The setting is the implementation of an IT system but is suitable for all projects of similar magnitude and is intended for all types of companies across all industries. System suppliers and consultants can create successful joint projects using Celemi Cayenne™. It is also ideal for corporate universities and other training organizations.