Business Training Solutions

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Celemi Solutions

Celemi Apples & Orangese®

Develop a real understanding of business finance (the way you didn't learn it at school) to increase the ability to use time and money where they do the most good.

Celemi Cayenne®

Securing project success! Help your project team get it right from the start. It's a great way to kick-off a new project, jump-start a stagnant one, build team relations and provide insight for everybody involved-regardless of previous project experience.

Celemi Decision Base®

Six capital intensive companies compete for customers and capital in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Celemi Enterprise®

Success is a moving target. How do you get all your people behind your strategy in a marketplace that is rapidly changing?

Celemi Livon®

Four retailers in tough competition for the same customers in a growing market.

Celemi Performance®

This can be a serious challenge, if people in your organization tend to view the glass as half empty rather than half full.

Celemi Sales Endeavour®

Celemi Sales Endeavour is an exciting combination of real-life sales application and an interactive learning simulation that gives sales professionals a chance to work through existing sales opportunities methodically and strategically in an engaging and competitive atmosphere.

Celemi Tango®

Six knowledge intensive firms compete for the same clients and people (experts) in a changing marketplace.

The Medici Game®

The Medici Game is a 3-hour simulation based on the concepts of Frans Johanssonís best-selling book, The Medici Effect.