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Celemi Decision Base®
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Celemi Decision Base: Bridge the Gap to Profitability

Celemi Decision Base™ will help you build a common language and improve business skills so everyone can support strategic decisions and work together to increase productivity and profitability.

Celemi Decision Base™ pulls your workforce together to reinforce goals and develop a greater understanding of the business. In the end, participants not only understand that their decisions impact the entire organization, but they also understand how and why. These new skills and insights can be applied directly to their own jobs immediately.

Our participants are diverse - coming from a variety of industries, disciplines and experience levels:

Manufacturing, production and other capital-intensive companies operate Celemi Decision Base® with employees who have financial responsibility:

Sales people, service providers and consultancies (such as banks, accounting firms, IT suppliers and others) gain a better understanding of their clients' business conditions.

"Celemi Decision Base® is truly a unique tool for teaching basic business concepts from strategic planning through marketing, manufacturing and finance - including learning to measure results of the various business decisions you make in the simulation."
Vice president, SKF Inc.

Enterprise resource management have found it beneficial to use it as an introduction to implementing IT architectures (such as business information, supply chain and customer relationship management systems).

Business schools, corporate universities and academies have long relied on Celemi Decision Base® to deliver the big-picture framework to introduce and apply strategy, business acumen and finance acumen.