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About Celemi - Frequently Asked Questions
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What types of company issues do Celemi Learning Solutions help to resolve?
A: Our interactive business simulations is to dramatically improve the business acumen of managers and employees with an eye to solving general and specific corporate challenges your company faces. Issues that can be solved with our highly effective interactive training include (but are not limited to) creating alignment, change management and poor performance. For more information, see Issues We Solve.

What makes business simulations the preferred method for corporate training?
A: The short answer to that question is: They work! With interactive training, participants experience what they are learning - ensuring that the information is internalized, and stays with them after the session is completed. For more information on the effectiveness of interactive simulations, see Why Business Simulations.

What size companies use Celemi Business Simulations?
A: Whether your company has 20 people, or 20,000 people, customizable Celemi Solutions will benefit your company. Many companies take advantage of our open sessions because of the flexibility they provide.

What is an open session?
A: Open Sessions are regularly scheduled regional sessions of Celemi Learning Solutions that are open to the public. The Open Session are geared to different general environments - including manufacturing, knowledge, service and retail - and mimic the respective key characteristics of these. Learn more>>

What if I have employees in two or more different countries?
A: Celemi's learning design makes it possible to run cross-functional or cross-cultural teams, if desired. Our detailed piloting process ensures that the final solution is both sensitive to all cultures and relevant to the entire range of target groups.

We have an in-house trainer. Can he/she be certified to deliver Celemi sessions?
A: Yes. Many companies have taken advantage of our "Train the trainer" offering. We provide the support for enabling your managers to run our programs with their teams. In many cases, this has helped to further solidify the value and importance of Celemi's business acumen training.