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Celemi Livon®
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Celemi Livon™: Differentiate or Die

Celemi Livon™ teaches participants what it takes to adapt a single (global) corporate strategy to local market conditions. Specifically, it is about communicating a precise, consistent company identity while differentiating from local competitors!

Celemi Livon™ is an innovative business tool that helps companies stand out from the competition! It is well suited to:

The overriding challenge in this board-based Celemi business simulation is to build and retain a profitable customer base. To be successful, you need a strong market position as well as the ability to defend it.

The Experience

Celemi Livon™ is a one-day, interactive business training simulation designed to help organizations with widespread sales and distribution networks communicate a precise, consistent identity while differentiating themselves in a highly competitive marketplace.

During Celemi Livon™, four competing retailers (teams) take part in a struggle for the same customers in a growing market. Their key objective: to attract and retain customers in a competitive atmosphere where product positioning, communication, price, prestige and reputation all come in to play.

Successful teams will have a clearly defined market segment, and make the most effective use of marketing tactics - often requiring subtle shifts in strategy along the way.

More details

"We can count on success only if our dealers earn money, so it makes sense for us to help them to do a good job in their local markets, and to make good use of the things we do at headquarters, like marketing campaigns, etc. For work of this kind, Celemi Livon™ is an outstanding tool."

Sales Manager, Toyota Sweden

Throughout the business simulation, participants account for strategic input from head office operations. They draw their own conclusions about how to position themselves in the market and how to attract new clients while satisfying the needs of current customers. They track gains and losses in profit and market share, as well as their image in the marketplace.

At the start, the four retailers are "all over the place". As a management team, their job is to decide on their desired market position, and capture it in the most cost-effective way: