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Celemi Livon®
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Celemi Livon™: Cultivating a Market Niche

Celemi Livon™ participants learn to make the most effective use of marketing tactics, while remaining in line with corporate strategy. It helps participants understand how a precise and consistent identity can impact sales and profits - the bottom line. Armed with this knowledge, participants can immediately apply their simulated experiences to their daily responsibilities and help formulate an action plan that addresses their company's specific needs.

Many companies around the world have used Celemi Livon™ to

"I believe it was a useful reminder to all of us that every customer represents many years of business. It is in fact both simpler and less costly to keep a customer than to replace one that has gone somewhere else. Thank you for an interesting and useful experience."
Participant, IBM Australia

Celemi Livon™ is designed for all employees who are expected to help sales and distribution organizations coordinate market investments and resources that promote a precise, consistent identity for the company.

It can also serve as a simple demonstration of what it means for a company to be "customer-driven." For example, some companies have used Livon™ to: