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Celemi Tango®
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Celemi Tango: Building Business Solutions

Celemi Tango teaches your employees to manage both tangible and intangible assets towards better profitability! Business Simulation Session participants explore all the complex factors critical to the success of knowledge-driven business. Ultimately, Tango helps everyone in knowledge-based companies or departments to understand how the successful management of intellectual capital leads to long-term business growth!

The Experience

In just two and a half days, this business simulation helps key employees from all your business units understand general operations, your competitive position and limits on your company's resources so they can make informed and effective business decisions.

Celemi Tango is a two-day, competitive business simulation designed for knowledge organizations to develop both the tangible and intangible assets of the company and to secure healthy financial returns. Celemi Tango gives participants a shared understanding of how their knowledge business works and gives them a common language for identifying, discussing and managing their own intangible assets.

During the business training simulation, six knowledge-intensive firms (teams) of participants run their own knowledge company and compete for the same key customers and key personnel (experts) in a changing marketplace. They are challenged to manage tangible and intangible assets and remain profitable.

Ultimately, Celemi Tango delivers the knowledge your knowledge-based employee need to:

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"We have more positive and pro-active relationships with our customers, and our increased lines of communication and knowledge sharing allow us to develop and introduce new products well ahead of the competition."
VP Human Resources, MTN

"On an average it takes 5-6 years of hard work to win a client over, but by using the insights and understanding we gained from Celemi Tango™, we can develop new business relationships much faster, an important edge in keeping up with today's rapid pace of change."

Manager, FöreningsSparbanken

Celemi Tango™ is designed for employees at all levels within organizations that do business based on the competence of their personnel.

At the beginning of the business simulation, each firm is small but the market is growing and so are competitors. Success is dependent on ability to develop an agility, yet consistency. As issues arise during the simulation, the facilitator relates them directly to the participants' own work situations.

Assets in a knowledge organization include familiar tangibles such as pricing, but also include essential intangibles such as team chemistry and company image. The need to attract and retain key employees as well as key customers is also vital to long-term profitability. All of this must be managed in line with a clear strategy.

Developing this understanding and how it affects profitability is the first step in successfully managing a knowledge organization. Getting your employees to adopt these principles is next!