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Celemi Tango®
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Celemi Tango: Building Business Solutions

Immediately following Tango, participants can use their knowledge, skills and language to take full advantage of their own company's intangible assets, and can begin to apply their simulated experiences to their own workplace situations.

Company leaders, managers and others will benefit from this opportunity to test and develop their planning and implementation skills under conditions that reflect their real work environment. Celemi Tango is also an ideal testing ground for business leaders looking to try different strategies and monitor their outcomes before implementing changes to their operations.

Celemi Tango helps businesses

"Celemi Tango™ is having a major impact on attrition in a short time. On-time performance appraisal and salary action figures are improving. Managers are now more cognizant of who they need to develop and promote, and they understand the impact of losing people through attrition."

Training Manager, Thomas & Betts

"During the seminar I spent all night stressing and worrying about how I could keep my simulated staff…from being headhunted - then I realised I had never spent five minutes worrying about my real people. I'm going home and writing a retention plan."

Participant, ClubCorp

Celemi Tango enables companies to fully explore intangible asset growth strategies under conditions that reflect a knowledge organization' real work environment. The Tango experience is scalable and relevant for a variety of organizations - from multinational consultancies to budding entrepreneurial ventures.

Many companies around the world have used Celemi Tango™ to